RiuNet is a citizen science project to assess the ecological status of rivers using a highly interactive educational tool and simplified scientific method. Developed by the Freshwater and Ecology Management Research Group from University of Barcelona, the Riu.Net APP is currently in its second version and available for mobile phones and tablets on Android and iOS.


The method is based on the observation of the main characteristics of river ecosystems and the identification of invertebrate fauna living in the river. With this, the citizen will not only determine the ecological state of a river but also strength their environmental awareness reviewing the most important aspects that define a river and improve their knowledge about the wildlife living there. Finally, but not less important, these recorded observations, verified by scientists, will become a very valid data that can be viewed on a river quality map, accessed both by experts and environmental managers and help to improve the state of the rivers. 

You may check how it works by watching this video that shows how the Ribera Family uses the Riu.Net app!