Dear Colleague,

The European Space Agency, the Global Water Systems Project and the Food and Agricultural Organization invite you to a workshop on Earth observations and their contribution to the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus. The workshop will take place from 25-27 March 2014 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy. It is aimed at reviewing and synthesizing the current state of Earth observation applications to WEF issues and the information needs of data users from across a range of sectors.

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus has been identified as a critical area for global economic development and resources management over the next few decades. Satellite Earth observations are a key tool for gathering information in this area, delivering information at global, regional and local scales, providing access to regions where data are otherwise inaccessible or unavailable and allowing consistent data generation needed for monitoring. They can contribute across the Nexus by putting WEF issues in a geospatial context that is coherent, reliable and unbiased.

Details of the event can be found on the workshop website, on the GWSP webpage. If you wish to attend the event, please fill in the registration form, accessible here:

The joint organisation of the workshop reflects the aim to include representatives from data producers, academia, and users of data from a variety of backgrounds.


Rick Lawford, Cat Downy and Lucie Pluschke
GWSP,                 ESA/IGBP,         FAO

Event Date: 
25/03/2014 - 17:30 to 27/03/2014 - 17:30