A water crisis at a picturesque tourist resort in northern India is posing a threat to tourism and in turn, to the economy of the region. Here's more on the situation. Mussoorie, also known as the "Queen of the hills," for its scenic beauty and cool climate is in for a severe drinking water crisis. Locals say that most of the wells and hand pumps in their area have dried up due to a decreasing water table. Women have to walk miles and children cycle for kilometers to fetch water for daily living, while temperatures continue to soar. Locals blame the government for failing to provide an adequate water supply. [Nasreena Bano, Local]: Hindi "Hoards of people line up when they see a tap with water. It has become really difficult. These children have to go and fetch water since old people like me cannot walk miles. We have complained many times, but it seems our pleas have fallen on deaf ears." Also... hotel owners are forced to use unsafe drinking water, raising concerns about health of tourists flocking to the "Queen of the hills." Officials and experts claim that the water crisis is linked to the electricity crisis. Water production and distribution is dependent on the country's power supply. Over the last ten years, more than eight billion rupees.... or 160 million dollars, have been spent on drinking water projects in the state.