La Cátedra UNESCO, conjuntamente con la CODIA (Conferencia de Directores Iberoamericanos del Agua) y otras instituciones, orga

Water education in schools often boils down to a rather simplistic set of activities like “turn off the tap while you brush your teeth” campaigns, aimed at raising awareness about the value and scarcity of water. Yet, the complex sustainability issues behind these concerns are often neglected, or simply unknown by school teachers in their efforts to tackle water education.

Cape Town has come dangerously close to running out of water after 3 years of persistent drought.


Tight water usage restrictions have been successful in stalling 'day zero' - when the city's taps will be turned off - until 2019, buying time for authorities to look for more ways to manage the crisis.

The JRC, with data from its Global Drought Observatory (GDO), provides analytical reports on the crisis as it develops.

False color composite made by Sentinel 2A and 2B satellites imagery (Bands 8-4-3)

European Development Days 2018

Ensuring Women Participation and Empowerment for Water and Development

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IUCN :NEXUS dialogue

Experiences in Kenya and volta river basin

Developed by Princeton University’s Terrestrial Hydrology Group in collaboration with UNESCO IHP, G-WADI secretariats and members, regional centers, the African Flood and Drought Monitor (AFDM) monitors and forecasts meteorological, agricultural and hydrological drought at various temporal and spatial scales. It also has a multi-decadal, historical reconstruction of the terrestrial water cycle against which current conditions can be compared.

Ce film capitalise les principaux résultats issus de la mise en oeuvre du projet "Eau pour la croissance et la lutte contre la pauvreté dans le bassin transfrontalier de la Mékrou" (Bénin-Burkina Faso et Niger) financé par la Commission de l'Union Européenne et mis en oeuvre par GWP-AO et le CCR de Janvier 2014 à décembre 2017.

LA Water Week

 27 y 28 de Marzo 2018 -Santiago Chile