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Water-Food-Energy Nexus, Ecosystem Approach to IWRM, Water Governance Capacity, transboundary water cooperation, Natural Infrastructure, Eflows, Water Smart Agriculture, climate change & land use
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Environmental engineer, hydrologist, modeller, and R programmer!!!
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Science and Data Lead for SERVIR West Africa, specializing in the use of geospatial science for decision-making in the areas of agriculture, food security, water and water-born disasters, land use/lan
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Conusltant in charge of evaluation
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International consultant for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, and previously for the UNCCD, on issues related to sustainable land management.
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A water and agricultural engineer with over 15 years experience in the water and agricultural engineering sectors.
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Ms. Rennie Munyayi has over 14 years work experience in the water sector in Southern Africa.
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Water resources specialist interested in regulation and policy in farming and the food sector Interested in the relationship between food security and water security Interested in the practical appl
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i'm a skilled WASH specialist with solid experience in facilities and capacity development in rural Africa.
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Professor of Water Law. Researcher and Legal Adviser at El Colegio de San Luis (Mexico).
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