Dal 28 maggio al 15 giugno apre a Bologna il Summer Training Programme del Progetto Europeo “Energizing Development” che ha per tema centrale l’accesso alle energie rinnovabili e sostenibili come elemento fondante per promuovere lo sviluppo e riequilibrare le disuguaglianze globali.

Aquaknow evaluation at the University of the Western Cape

To celebrate World Water Day 2012, the European Commission releases the video "More than Water" which shows concrete results of the EU-ACP Water Facility to provide access to drinking water in the Himba villages in the north of Namibia.

For more information please visit the EuropeAid website: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/news/world_water_day_en.htm

The African and Latin American Centres of Excellence were presented at the 6th  World Water Forum in Marseille 13th March 2012.

The new version of the Water Project Toolkit and new features of the AQUAKNOW system were also presented.

World Water Crisis

An overview of the impact of unsafe water and lack of basic sanitaztion on the world's poor and how WaterLeaders is working to create a safe water generation.