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Abstract. Groundwater is the world's largest accessible source of fresh water. It plays a vital role in satisfying basic needs for drinking water, agriculture and industrial activities. During times of drought groundwater sustains baseflow to rivers and wetlands, thereby supporting ecosystems. Most global-scale hydrological models (GHMs) do not include a groundwater flow component, mainly due to lack of geohydrological data at the global scale.

An overview of the current state of flood forecasting and early warning in Africa is provided in order to identify future user needs and research. Information was collected by reviewing previously published research in the scientific literature and from institutional websites. This information was supplemented by data collected from a questionnaire sent to hydrological and meteorological institutions that were identified as potentially dealing with


Current JRC activities dealing with WATER can be found here.

The JRC is currently developing and updating several environmental information systems:

1.    Fate and Impacts of pollutants in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems - Europe (FATE Nutrients, FATE Chemicals)

Este documento contiene la presentacion de los avances que se realizaron hasta 2013. La presentacion se hizo durante el 25 Aniversario de AECID.


Adjunta la presentación actualizada - Octubre 2014 (RALCEA resultados 2013 2014.pdf)


The REFRAN-CV software allows processing time series of data from ground meteorological stations (precipitation data), in order to generate spatially-explicit products (return period maps) based on the L-moments statistics. This tool and the associated products at local and regional scale can be used in the development planning process and, concretely, to prepare investment in multi-purpose (irrigation, flood and drought prevention, environment protection) hydraulic infrastructure.