The objective of this course is to present the challenge of water supply for human consumption. Elements of water quality and water quantity will be addressed. This will be followed by basic strategies for providing access to, and distribution of, safe water supply.


By: Murray Biedler for Aquaknow.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission together with DEVCO's support are organising an International Workshop on "Exchange of experiences in water resources management between Europe/China/Africa/Latin America".

This event is organised in the framework of the European Commission (EC) support project to the Africa Union/NEPAD Networks of Water Centres of Excellence implemented by the JRC.

The Story of Cholera by Global Health Media Project.
This short animated film makes invisible cholera germs visible through the eyes of a young boy who explains how to help the sick and guides his village to prevent the spread of cholera.

Dal 28 maggio al 15 giugno apre a Bologna il Summer Training Programme del Progetto Europeo “Energizing Development” che ha per tema centrale l’accesso alle energie rinnovabili e sostenibili come elemento fondante per promuovere lo sviluppo e riequilibrare le disuguaglianze globali.