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Water, Climate and Borders: The Role of River Basin Cooperation for Climate Resilience

12 November 2021 | 09:45-10:45 GMT

Water Pavilion at COP26 | Follow live via Youtube


Dear colleagues and friends,


The impacts of both climate change and conflict know no borders! Therefore, River Basin Organisations (RBOs) have a very important role to play for a climate resilient and peaceful future of many river basins in the world. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in cooperation with the UNECE Secretariat of the Water Convention, is excited to announce that we will be hosting the session “Water, climate, and borders: The role of River Basin Cooperation for Climate Resilience” at the Water Pavilion at COP26!


The Water Pavilion aims to mobilize the water community and partners in the global climate action community in order elevate ideas and solutions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The Water Pavilion programme is hosting a wide range of events demonstrating the numerous ways that water is enabling transformative climate action.


The diverse speakers include experts from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia:


  • Tanja Gönner, Chair of the Management Board, Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • Abderahim Bireme Hamid, Executive Secretary, Niger Basin Authority (NBA)
  • Hycinth Banseka, Technical Director, Lake Chad Basin Commission
  • Christine Niyotwambaza, Deputy Director General, Rwanda Water Resources Board and Technical Advisory Committee Chair for ABAKIR
  • Harry Liiv, Chair of the Water Convention and co-chair of the Russian-Estonian commission on transboundary waters
  • An Pich Hatda, Chief Executive Officer of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat
  • Maria Alexandra Moreira Lopez, Secretary General of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization
  • Robert Bradley, Director of Knowledge and Learning, NDC-Partnership 


The session will be moderated by Sonja Koeppel, Secretary of the Water Convention and co-Secretary of the Protocol on Water and Health, UNECE. 


Date: Friday, November 12 at 09:45-10:45am GMT (10:45-11:45am GMT+1)



Please find more details here.


The sessions will be free of charge and livestreamed on YouTube. The link will be embedded on the Water Pavilion page, under ‘Watch Live’ on the top right.


Furthermore, please find a document attached to this email outlining all the events that GIZ is participating in at the Water Pavilion.


We look forward to seeing many of you at our sessions!