This study Examines the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystem (WEFE) nexus assessment in the Niger Delta basin of Nigeria. One major component of the Niger Delta basin is that it has been a constant receptor of the unrelenting pressure and assault in the ecosystem and this has adversely affected the living condition of the people.

The study area covered the Niger River Basin (NRB) in the northern part of Nigeria. The basin has an area of approximately 2.3 million sq km spreading over 10 countries. The Basin has its largest part in Mali, Niger and Nigeria, each covering about 25% of the total basin area with approximately 100 million people earning livelihood  mainly  on the traditional, low input,  rainfed farming, nomadic animal rearing and  small scale irrigated agriculture.

Dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre du projet E-Nexus, il est prévu le développement et l’implémentation d’un modèle hydrologique pour l’estimation du bilan hydrologique et la gestion de l’eau, la production agricole, le maintien des écosystèmes. A cet effet, SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) a été identifié comme le modèle hydrologique à développer sur le bassin du Niger.