Dear colleagues

As we move closer to our first delivery (end Feb 2012), and as we move into the next milestones of on the EU JRC project, I though it would be a good time to report on the status of our project, in order to keep momentum.


As always, I first and foremost want to thank all of you who have contributed in trying to make this project a success. In future I want to increase the communication though various channels (i.e. email; skype; Aquanknow etc), in order for all of us to keep the momentum.


This file contains the raw data results of the open-ended questions of the survey conducted for task JLP1.1

The open ended questions include:


JLP 1.1

1. Are you aware of any capacity development strategies or skills audits that have been carried out in your country or in the SADC region?



1. Do you have a formalized knowledge management system?

If so, what does it entail? 

The technical specifications of the project as per the agreement with the EU JRC