NEPAD SANWATCE Secretariat Meeting



Dominique Mannel (DM) –

Nico Elema (NE) –

Nora Hanke (NH) – norahanke@


1. Office and General

·         DM has started the process of getting a phone into room 2007

·         Room 2007 and 2006 will be cleaned and waxed on Wed, 29.08.

o   NH was convinced not to come to the office that day but to connect her laptop to the printer

·         DM to buy stationary and files for the workshop’s information pack (see 2.)

·         DM to ask Mercia to remove her files, etc. from the office on until Wednesday so it can be cleaned properly

·         Notes of the Monday meetings will be put into a closed group on Aquaknow

o   NE to open a new group: NEPAD SANWATCE Secretariat

o   NH to register

·         DM will be collecting data in the field from the 5th-8th Sept.



2. Regional Consultative Workshop in Johannesburg

·         DM to follow up on City Lodge reservations with Juhannita

·         DM and NE take projector with them

·         DM to confirm technical details about Prof. Cloete’s skype involvement with Juhannita from City Lodge

·         NE to pack the NEPAD SANWATCE banner

·         Information Packs (25) to contain:

o   Business Plan as of 28.08.

o   JLP 1.1 and JLP 1.2 reports

o   Resolutions

o   Constitution

o   NEPAD flyers

o   Tbc: Jacqui SADC regulations

o   DM to confirm if the conference venue offers pen and paper

·         NE to go over NH’s PowerPoint presentation and provide feedback


3. Seminar in Italy, Oct.2012

·         NH to assist Bruno with visa requirements and email him detailed, simply instructions

·         NH to send ISPRA the registration form as Stellenbosch representative


4. Marketing and Technical

·         NE: website is up and running and new articles are published as we speak

·         NH and DM to sign up on twitter to spread the NEPAD word

·         CC of Prof. Cloete and Ceasar (?)should be limited to large topics, not knitty-gritty details


5. E-Conference, Nov. 2012

·         NE has contacted Andrea from the JRC

·         Make use of twitter, facebook, etc. to market the conference


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