Current JRC activities dealing with WATER can be found here.

The JRC is currently developing and updating several environmental information systems:

1.    Fate and Impacts of pollutants in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems - Europe (FATE Nutrients, FATE Chemicals)

2.    European Drought Observatory (under development)

3.    African Drought Observatory (under development)

4.    African and Latin American Atlas of Soil (Africa, Latin America)

5.    Atlas of Desertification (under development)

6.    E-station (Environmental Station - Implemented in 52 African Countries)

7.    Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA - under development)

8.    Global Flood Alert System

9.    Global Disaster Alert System

10.  European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)

11.  European Forest Data Centre (EFDC)

12.  Forest Cover Changes (TREES)


Other reports and products can be found here:

1. Analysis of water resources in Europe- Africa (including the methodology – and model used)

2. A modeling tool for assessing impacts of nutrient and water use in African agriculture (database, model and GIS system development and testing)

3. Current status on flood forecasting and early warning in Africa

4. Regional Frequency Analysis of Precipitation (REFRAN-CV software) - Contribution to Global Change Analysis. Products on-line : Global, Africa, Latin America. These products have been developed with the AU-NEPAD Centres of Excellence on Water and the Latin American Centres of Excellence on Water (RALCEA)


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