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Wednesday, 5 June, 2019
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IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre), UNESCO-IHP (UNESCO International Hydrological Programme), 2015. Transboundary Aquifers of the World [map]. Revised 2017. Scale 1 : 50 000 000
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IGRAC Transboundary basin growndwater Dataset
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Data browsed from IGRAC and transboundary groundwaters portal. Political, institutional, socio-economic, cultural and other differences among countries make the assessment and management of internationally shared aquifers challenging. As a United Nation centre, IGRAC provides an independent content and process support to assessment of transboundary aquifers. The viewer contains all the data presently available in the Global Groundwater Information System related to transboundary groundwaters. The data is the result of various projects and programmes carried out by IGRAC and partners. If you are interested in a specific region, aquifer or theme you can also visit the dedicated portal for additional meta data and background information. How to use the portal: 1) Browse through the various categories to find groundwater maps, 2) More information can be found in the feature info that will appear when you select the data, 3) Make a query on the data or combine maps, 1) For obtaining data displayed in this viewer or for more information, please contact IGRAC via (see attached file on this content).