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Wednesday, 19 October, 2022
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This dataset is freely available for academic use and other non-commercial use. Redistribution, or commercial use is not allowed without prior permission. You are free to create maps and use the data in other ways for publication in academic journals, books, reports, etc.
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GADM database of Global Administrative Areas
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GADM is a spatial database of the location of the world's administrative areas (or adminstrative boundaries) for use in GIS and similar software. Administrative areas in this database are countries and lower level subdivisions such as provinces, departments, bibhag, bundeslander, daerah istimewa, fivondronana, krong, landsvæðun, opština, sous-préfectures, counties, and thana. GADM describes where these administrative areas are (the spatial features), and for each area it provides some attributes, such as the name and variant names. The current version is 2.8 (November 2015). Version 3 is expected to be available in August 2017.