EMS Tool

EMS Tool: Environmental Monitoring System

Management, analysis and visualization of huge and complex datasets is a challenge. An environmental monitoring system (EMS) has been developed to support effective management of the entire process of data collection, data cleaning/tidying and validation, the establishment of a mature spatio-temporal database, data uploading, integration with spatial visualization and analysis tools, and easy access through dashboards supporting explorative research. The single components consists of:

  • A concurrent multi-user spatio-temporal database, implemented using the leading PostgreSQL/PostGIS platform,
  • An application aimed at supporting EDD (Electronic Data Deliverables),
  • A dashboard, aimed at supporting exploratory data analysis in space and time

The spatio-temporal database can be easily accessed through state-of-the-art OS (Open Source) and proprietary GIS tools, (as QGIS and, ArcGIS) , (geo)statistical platforms and languages (R, Python), in order to fully leverage its added value. 


EMS Tool setup (Installation video tutorial here)


Delivered soon: Factsheet | Manual | Report


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