In the framework of the project scientific component, the CEANWATCE, this project addressed the WEFE nexus interdependences and evaluated sustainable bridging-gap solutions. The specific objectives was to perform hydrological and water balance assessments, including water uses within a scenario based analysis under different climate pressures and management practices focusing on the Lake Victoria basin (LVB). LVB is transboundary river basin which is Africa’s largest freshwater lake in which the riparian countries are Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda which is the most downstream country.  In this study, water balance components was calculated from calibrated and validated hydrological/rainfall runoff model for the Lake Victoria basins. The impact of current and future water resources availability due to climate variability, uses and infrastructure was evaluated through water resources modelling. The model was simulated over a 30 year (1981-2010). Good calibration results were achieved in most of catchments, the Lake Victoria Water Level simulation results shows that the model was able to capture the water level variation well. There was however the period 1998-1999, the model underestimated the lake water level, this may be due to underestimation of the convectional rainfall over the Lake. There will be a reduction the Long Term Lake mean water level of 0.47m and 0.55m for the SC1 and SC2 respectively. There is less impact on the lake water level because almost 80% of the inflow water to the Lake is from precipitation on the Lake itself. Future water use will increase water demand deficit for both domestic and irrigation uses but more deficit will be faced by the irrigation sector. As a recommendation, it will be useful to investigate various forms of precipitation products over the Lake to get a broader view of the actual precipitation variability since there are no ground based measurements data available.




- Annex 61: Hassan M., 2020. Hydrology and water balance for Lake Victoria sub basin Inception Report. ACEWATER2 report JRC122690 (Component of deliverable)
- Annex 62: Hassan M., 2020. Hydrology and Water Balance for Lake Victoria sub basin. ACEWATER2 report JRC122690 (Main deliverable)


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