Hydrological fluxes, land use and climate change are significant processes in the biogeochemical processes and agricultural productivity in the Lake Victoria Basin. The objective was to elicit hydrological trends with attendant quality and quantity components, assess land use change patterns as well as implications of climate change on maize yields in the LVB.



- Annex 55: Bamutaze Y., 2020. Inception report: Water and livelihood resilience under changing climate(s) and extremes: Groundwater water and agriculture issues in the Lake Victoria Basin. ACEWATER2 report JRC122685 (Component of deliverable)
- Annex 56: Bamutaze Y., 2020. Deliverable MKU.M1: Report and Database on hydrology and water uses by source and coupled with land use and cover. ACEWATER2 report JRC122685 (Main deliverable)
- Annex 57: Bamutaze Y., 2020. Materials and methods: Climate change effect on Maize Yield in LVB- Uganda side. ACEWATER2 report JRC122685 (Component of deliverable)



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