The work addresses main issues related to the groundwater resource and quality assessment over the Zambezi river basin, namely:

• Collate, document and review of all existing geological, hydrogeological, water quality, physiography data on a basin scale
• Compile, configure and generate geological and hydrogeological maps with descriptions having consistent and uniform attributes throughout the ZRB
• Compile basin-scale salinity map as a proxy for water quality as well as aquifer productivity, estimated groundwater reserve and aquifer suitability maps
• Archive all spatial data in such a manner that it is accessible to the public
• Provide limitations and recommendations for follow up investigations





- Annex 22: Mengistu H.A., 2020. Hydrogeology and Groundwater Quality Team Inception Report. ACEWATER2 report JRC122713 (Component of deliverable)
- Annex 23: Mengistu H.A., 2020. Title: River basin scale groundwater hydrology characterization of the Zambezi River Basin (ZRB). ACEWATER2 report JRC122713 (Main deliverable)
- Annex 24: Mengistu H.A., 2020. Database (Zambezi river basin hydrogeology). ACEWATER2 report JRC122713 (Component of deliverable)




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