The report summarizes the key ACEWATER2 project scientific achievements of the activities implemented by the African CoEs (Centers of Excellence), supporting Institutions, leading experts and the JRC. The outcomes of few ongoing research projects at JRC complements the overall framework. The first three chapters focus on the analysis of the WEFE (Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem) nexus assessment at regional scale over the two formerly existing networks of CoE, in Western and Southern Africa, and the 2018 newly established network of CoE in CentralEastern Africa. The study areas were identified jointly by the different project stakeholders and CoEs, at the early stage of the project and, for Central-Eastern Africa, immediately after the network setup in 2018, in good agreement with the priorities identified at AU, AMCOW, RECs and RBOs level. The selection process took into account the socio-economic and environmental relevance of the basins, their transboundary nature, the specific scientific expertise available and interest in promoting cross-country institutional collaboration and scientific exchange best practices. 


- Annex 140: Crestaz E., Farinosi F., Marcos Garcia P., Biedler M., Carmona-Moreno C., 2020. The
African Networks of Centres of Excellence on Water Sciences Phase II (ACE WATER 2): Scientific activities
outcomes. European Commission, Ispra (VA), Italy, JRC124069



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