Finally, four Annexes (135-139) are available in the folder entitled Risk Mapping and E-Readiness Survey. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting severely the project, a decision to undertake a risk mapping exercise and an online E-readiness evaluation with all CoEs to identify applying distance and on-line learning modalities for the remainder of the project. Results of the surveys from these four Annexes showed that international exchanges of staff and students could not take place and consequently, exchange programmes among regional Networks were cancelled during the implementation phase of the HCD Frameworks, with the exception of one student from the Southern Africa region, who was able to participate in the exchange programme prior to the pandemic.



- Annex 135: HCD Risk Mapping Questionnaire

- Annex 136: Risk Mapping Table

- Annex 137: Summary of E-Readiness Assessment for CEANWATCE

- Annex 138: Summary of E-Readiness Assessment for SANWATCE

- Annex 139: Summary of E-Readiness Assessment for WANWATCE


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