The reports on the Impact and the Monitoring & Evaluation undertaken by two external consultants can be found in Annexes 133 and 134. The importance of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) as well as Impact Study were recognized during the implementation phase of the project. The objective of the M&E activity was to contribute to the development and implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for ACEWATER II HCD activities of Pilot Courses and the Mobility and Exchange of staff and students. An M&E expert developed a draft framework; with an Excel Format and worksheets selected as the most efficient M&E tool. An Impact Study on the ACEWATER II HCD activities was implemented by another expert during 2020. A mixed-methods approach was used, which included surveys and interviews between the expert, CoE members and other project partners. The study also took advantage of gatherings of researchers and stakeholders, such as the annual ACEWATER II consultative workshops held in February 2020 in Senegal and Ethiopia. Both were used as opportunities to introduce sessions to build impact cases for the impact study.


IMPACT – Monitoring & Evaluation Annexes:

- Annex 133: Curtis, D. NEPAD Monitoring and Evaluation for CEANWATCE, SANWATCE and WANWATCE networks. Consultant Final Report (Final Deliverable)

- Annex 134: Elema, N. From output, to impact. The impact of Human Capacity Development activities in the ACEWATER II Project. Consultant Final Report (Final Deliverable)