This report presents the study on hydropower Profit for 4 Dams in the Zambezi watercourse under climate change scenario. It is the result of a comprehensive modelling process as well a

data analysis.
The study then contributes to understand the water management at basin level. A number of
scenarios, associated with climate risk, as well business as usual, are then analysed. The
specific objectives of the plan are thus: (i) Analyse the trends of the main variables influencing
water supply (flow in) and demand (flow out) in the Kafue, Kariba and Cahora Bassa
reservoirs; (ii) Estimate the effects of climate change scenarios on hydropower profits; More
detailed information on each scenario can be found in the document. Each measure then
provides the impact on turbines water flow, expected impact on the energy production and the
related profit.
With regard to the simulated scenarios, all scenarios under dry conditions showed the impact
to reduce the water flow hence the profit. The very best scenario is the one that foreseen an
increase of available water (“Wet” scenario).


- Annex 12: Mutondo J., 2020. Effects of Climate Change on Hydropower Production Efficiency in Southern Africa (inception report). ACEWATER2 report JRC122944 (Component of deliverable)
- Annex 13: Magaia E. and Mutondo J., 2020. Effects of climate changes on hydropower profits in the Zambezi river basin. ACEWATER2 report JRC122944 (Main deliverable)



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