The AQUASURVEY app is a new piece of software designed to help you organise your field campaigns and collect field data directly in a database. It brings you through all the necessary steps to collect your field data: from the design of the survey to the concrete collection of data using several mobile devices, and integrates the data collected to allow for their use in GIS or statistical software applications. The main added value is that this process does not necessarily need an Internet connection - the app includes several offline options so that you can overcome Internet connection problems during your field campaign.

This tool allows you to monitor and geo-reference your ongoing survey, and to integrate data collected by different surveyors. It can also produce customised graphs and statistics, which can provide an overview of your dataset in a printable report.

You need 2 components to implement your field survey:

  • Desktop component: from where the survey is designed, transfered ot mobile devices and the results uploaded into a single database.
  • Mobile component:  to install on each mobile device used for collecting data.

more details here.