Water resources specialist interested in regulation and policy in farming and the food sector Interested in the relationship between food security and water security Interested in the practical appl
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i'm a skilled WASH specialist with solid experience in facilities and capacity development in rural Africa.
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Professor of Water Law. Researcher and Legal Adviser at El Colegio de San Luis (Mexico).
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Expert en Gestion Intégrée des Ressources en Eau et Infrastructures Rurales
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Chef du service d'assistance et suivi évaluation.
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Technical Assisant at CWP-Benin/GWP Geograph, specilalist in environnement
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I am a geologist with academic background in GIScience and Computer Science, professional experience in geophysics, groundwater modelling and Spatial Decision Support Systems design and delivery for
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IT Engineer and Web Operation Manager. I'm involved in design and development of software related to the water sector.
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Fabio is currently involved in research on the interactions between socio-economic and bio-physical dynamics in water related issues. He holds a PhD in science and management of climate change and a
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